What year is it, anyway?

Well, we’re just a few days away from the New Year and Covid is raging, flights are getting canceled, schools are moving back to remote learning and…what year is it, anyway? I think we all just went in a time warp back to 2020. So, happy New Year’s 2021! Again. Let’s see if this go-at-it doesn’t pan out better than our first shot. I’m slowly getting back into running, and it’s been much harder than when I was a young whipper snapper. I was running (well, running’s a strong word - shuffling would be more accurate) the other day on a very popular trail in Atlanta, panting and wheezing my way down the path. Now, keep in mind there are people all around me. I’m coming up the ½ mile mark and there’s a guy with a bike resting on this bench. He takes one look at me, and says ‘Keep it up buddy, you can do it.’ Seriously, do you have any what level of agony I must have appeared to be in to have random people pick me out of hundreds to offer words of encouragement? It was that kind of a day. But, the funny thing is, it worked. I was planning on stopping at ½ mile and walking for 30 seconds or so, but because of that kind man, I plodded along. So, be nice. When you see those people who look to be in absolute hell, they probably feel worse than that. Give ‘em a little shout out. It might just help.