Fit Better - Proven Ways To Lose Body Fat

When looking to lose body fat and build lean muscles you have to step out of your comfort zone and make some necessary changes to your life. Changes that aren't dramatic to begin with but must be permanent. To help you get started we have listed down a few proven ways you can lose body fat and start to fit better!

How to Lose Body Fat

Strength Training

Strength training is one of the most intense types of workout routines, one that pushes your muscles beyond their limit. Expanding their resistance while toning your body. However, that is not the only benefit strength training has to offer, it comes with a wide range of benefits that go beyond the way you look. Something you can easily take up at home without the need to order endless and space-consuming workout systems.


Consume a Higher Protein Diet

Once you start strength training you must switch to a high protein diet, one that pulls from the food you eat and helps create muscles - rather than washing away the muscles you have; leaving you with fat. Eating foods with high protein such as soy, eggs, seafood, seeds, nuts, brands, lean meat, and low-fat dairy helps boost your protein intake. Helping you compliment your strength training routine to ensure exceptional results. One thing you should remember is to keep switching between different types of protein, and other substances such as omega-3, and lentils that offer your body the protein and fiber it needs.


Drink Water

One of the common mistakes you can make is not keeping track of your water intake. Keep in mind that by the time you feel thirsty you are already dehydrated - and start keeping a check on the water you drink. Moreover, when paired with training and a proper time it can help you lose the extra pounds you have gained. Water is a natural filler that allows you to consume less while keeping up with the illusion of being full. Another factor to consider is that water has zero calories - so you can easily replace it with soda, juice, tea, or coffee. Bringing down your overall calorie intake by a great deal, while keeping your body nourished.


Sleep Better

One of the common causes of weight gain is an unhealthy sleeping pattern. Lack of sleep has a direct impact on your ghrelin and leptin - an appetite-regulating hormone that requires at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night. Think of it this way, when you go to bed - every system in your body gets a chance to rest and reboot itself, recharging as required. However, when you break the cycle you take away from the process causing more harm than you know.


Avoid Stress

Stress has a direct impact on your appetite and weight - while some eat more when stressed, on the other hand, others eat less. Regardless of which way you swing losing or gaining weight due to stress can cause lasting damage to your body. This is why you need to create a positive mindset and fill your life with people and aspects that help avoid stress at all times.


These simple lifestyle changes can help you lose extra body fat and start your journey on a healthier note. One that allows you to fit better in your own perspective - showing off your style with confidence!