And...we're back

And…we’re back. We were down for a little longer than the initial plans, but we’re excited to be up and running again. Please check out the site. The layout is largely the same, but we have a whole host of new products and categories. In the meantime, I’ve managed to learn how to post on Instagram in a somewhat efficient manner (for those who know me, this is a huge step). I’m not a tech or social media guy by any stretch of the imagination – I don’t get it or understand it, but it is important to what we’re trying to do here. So, I’ve succumbed to the fact that I have to learn to do some things that are way outside of my bailiwick. Be on the lookout for increased posting now that I know enough to be dangerous. Hopefully they can provide some combination of inspiration, motivation, or a laugh or two. As always, any thoughts, criticisms, critiques, compliments about the site, the products, or great ideas you might have are greatly appreciated and encouraged. Take care and get moving.